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Posted by William Bell On August - 21 - 2013 0 Comment

There are people that have not yet experienced the real benefits from a car detailing service. A lot of folks consider car detailing as more of an esthetic solution than a practical one. However there are many positive sides of giving your car the auto detailing service it needs. Here are a few of the facts that make the car detailing service a must for any car owner:

Paint Protection

Car paint has the tendency to chip and break, revealing the hull from beneath the coating, and later subjecting it to rust. A auto detailing service consists of cleaning polishing and coating, which will protect the car paint and the metal below for many years.


Once a car has been properly polished, it will have less resistance when in motion. The air will glide off the hull of the car, allowing it to go faster. When you have less resistance in a wind tunnel, the stance of your moving vehicle will provide further stability, by lowering itself to the road.

Dust Resistance

There are many special waxes that are applied to the exterior and interior of the car. After the coating is implemented with polishing methods, any treated surface will be dust repellent for a long time.

Gas Economy

It is scientifically proven that when a car is less resistant when in motion, it requires less gas, thus saving you money. Less resistance can be achieved after bringing your car to the wash – but the most superior treatment you can give to your vehicle is detailing.

If you wish to find out more about auto detailing, contact Jim's Rustproofing & Detail Shop at the phone number below. Our Wooster, OH associates will be more than happy to provide you with any information you require:

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William Bell

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